Thursday, March 2, 2006

2 March 1836

Today is the 170th anniversary of the declaration of the independence of Texas from Mexico. The odds against the Texians (as they called themselves) were considerably longer than those against the Americans in 1776, or even the Confederates in 1861. Nevertheless, thanks to the military incompetence of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna; the resolution and cleverness of Sam Houston; the grit of the Texians; and no small amount of luck, Texas was able to make good the proclamations of the politicians, and secure itself the right to an independent national existence.

Here’s to all who made it possible: at Goliad, the Alamo, Agua Dulce, Coleto, Gonzales, Refugio, San Jacinto and other places. Our thoughts stretch to touch you across the years. You are not forgotten.

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