Thursday, February 2, 2006

Syrians In Iraq

An interesting report out of Iraq today. Blackfive reprints what is apparently a US Marine press-release datelined Camp Fallujah, stating that Iraqi soldiers operating in the Ramadi area captured fifteen rebels, eleven of whom were Syrians.
The raid took place at a "factory in the Tameem district of Ramadi." Iraqi soldiers involved are identified as being part of 1st Brigade, 7th Iraqi Army Division. 36 AK-47 rifles were also captured.
Interesting to find so many Syrians in one place. All sorts of questions for them when their Iraqi captors get them into the interrogation cellar. Are the foreign insurgents segregating themselves from the Iraqi rebels, or being segregated by the rebel high command ? What percentage of the rebel manpower consists of gunboys from Assadland ? What are the backgrounds of these Syrians ? What sort of training do they have with arms, and who provided it ? How are they supplied ? Do they have Syrian contacts ? How did they enter Iraq ?
In any case, a good piece of work by the Iraqis.


Candidly Caroline said...

Seriously, maybe you can be the man behind the mike ~ or right behind the "mirror" everyone knows is two-way.
I'm thinking something along the lines of Arnold and Jamie Lee in "True Lies."
Except much more serious, of course. ;)

A. Eteraz said...

someone do something about the syrian mukhbarat. they were the ones who organized the beirut riots. they are probably involved here too. assholes.