Friday, February 17, 2006

Lets Blast Dick, but Give Al a Pass

Tom Bevan over at the Real Clear Politics blog has an interesting question worth pondering: namely, why is the prestige press so much more interested in Vice-President Cheney's accidental blasting of his friend in south Texas, than it is in Vice-President Gore's deliberate blasting of his country in front of foreigners in Saudi Arabia last week ?
My own comments on Mr. Gore's utterances can be found here. We can only thank God daily that Gore lost.
As Mr. Bevan says: the press "... can't be bothered by Gore's remarks which, quite frankly, have more consequence and did more damage to America's reputation than Cheney's birdshot did to poor Harry Whittington." Who cares anyway, if a former US Vice President and once and future candidate for the White House accuses his country of "terrible abuses" while speaking in a place that forbids women to operate automobiles and prescribes beheadings and amputations for penal offenses ? None of that's at all important. The press (always watching out for the public) has to protect Mr. Gore's viability, to lead us peasants, after all. But if we can exploit an accident to make President Bush or his administration look bad... it's fair game huh ? No pun intended.
Makes ya wonder, doesn't it ?

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