Monday, February 27, 2006


Between work and real life, have been neglecting the blog. Definitely have a few things to comment on this week, which will appear in due course.
El Jefe and family attended a block party in his neighborhood last night: sort of a farewell for one of his neighbors. Always depressing to lose neighbors, particularly nice ones like the G's. We are losing the G's to a job transfer to the east coast. I do not think that there could be enough money in the world to pay me to live in the northeast, (Been There and Done That); but everyone is different. Hope the G's like it.
It's definitely a Monday. . . not even a vente (extra large) black coffee from Starbucks has managed to make me feel awake yet. The long boring deposition that I have to start reading as soon as I finish this little note definitely will not help matters. Yawn !

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Candidly Caroline said...

Maybe singing the deposition out loud will help -- changing your voice from the lawyer to the witness and putting all your pent up emotions in to it.

You'll have your own opera going on, and I'm sure the other lawyers you work with will *really* appreciate the show. ;)