Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Helen Thomas Says We're Ready

In her column for the Hearst Newspapers, Helen Thomas, who thinks we should listen because she's a Famous Journalist, says the US is ready for a woman President. We're lagging behind many countries which have "ended the male monopoly on political leadership" Ms. Thomas opines.
I'm sure Ms. Thomas thinks we're lagging behind in general. I'm sure she thinks it's time for us to rejoin humanity and follow in the footsteps of progressive (cough, cough) Europe.
Bet you can't guess which woman President Ms. Thomas thinks we're ready for. God forbid.


Candidly Caroline said...

Of COURSE, we are ready for a woman president! (I'm always amazed when people question that.)
But, the best candidate for the job should win - regardless of whether that person is a woman or a man.

El Jefe Maximo said...

No problem with a woman president, but, as you might imagine...my preference for the beneficiary of this happy event is probably somewhat different from Ms. Thomas's.