Friday, February 10, 2006


El Jefe is feeling much better today, thank you very much. So is She Who Must Be Obeyed, who has also been sick. This is good, because I am not wanting to miss the big Gala for Heir's school tomorrow night.

In lieu of a full post, El Jefe offers the following grab-bag.

The 13 February issue of National Review, one of El Jefe's favorite publications, has arrived. Several interesting items in this issue's "The Week" section. First subject is nudity.

Paying attention yet ? On this subject, National Review says that a Federal Judge in Florida has found that local laws prohibiting public nudity are in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution.

Huh ? I must have missed the public nudity protections in the Bill of Rights when I took constitutional law. Sounds like this judge is just too cheap to buy Penthouse and Playboy (for the articles, of course).

In the same note, it is reported that an Islamic cleric in Egypt has issued a fatwa providing that nudity during sex invalidates a marriage. Oooookkaaaay, that definitely is one for the wacko department. On second thought, if this catches on, it might go a long way towards solving that demographic problem the Europeans have with Islam, bringing reproduction down to European levels.
I'm not sure which of these items is wackier. As National Review says: "So in the one place, citizens may not act together to ban vulgar, information-free displays they find displeasing; in the other, citizens may not act in their most private moments in ways they find pleasing; in both, normal and harmless human preferances exist, or are annihilated, at the whim of robed, arrogant, over-educated functionaries." Damn, that's good. Wish I'd written it.
Another sniglet, also from National Review, is about the creation, at the University of Kentucky, of the inaugural chapter of Gamma Gamma Chi, the first ever Islamic sorority ! "Panty raids at this house may be punishable by beheading."
Since I've had a lot of vege time, I've been catching up on the reading. Yes, yes, I know, I read anyway, but this sounds good, so I'm going with it. El Jefe is presently reading Alan Palmer's Twilight of the Habsburgs: The Life and Times of Emperor Francis Joseph, about the next-to-last Austro-Hungarian Emperor.
Francis Joseph was born in 1830, when Andrew Jackson was US President, came to the throne (in the middle of an abortive revolution) at the time of our war with Mexico, and died in the middle of World War I. Francis Joseph was certainly not a rocket scientist, and made his share of questionable decisions; but, on the other hand, probably not even a genius could have saved the Austro-Hungarian Empire: a ramshackle madhouse of mutually detesting national groups that called itself a country. The Empire was a true dinosaur: a multi-national, multi-ethnic bedlam in an age of ferocious ethnic nationalism.
On the plus side, the Emperor had a tremendous work ethic, and kept plugging through disaster after disaster: a succession of lost wars; revolution; assassination attempts on him; the murder of his beloved but unstable and troubled wife; the suicide of his son under scandalous circumstances; the murder in Sarajevo of his heir, (which started World War I). He was fortified by a truly touching religious faith, and complete belief in his duty to pass on the Empire -- his family inheritance -- intact, to his heirs. He had the good fortune to die before the annus horribilis of 1918 brought all crashing down.
Meanwhile, the cats, who are also the High Patronesses of this Blog (FLINKY, MILO and SUNSHINE), have all been giving me strange looks these past couple of days, wondering why we were all at home. They are now meowing for some attention, so I suppose this post must end.


louielouie said...

a ramshackle madhouse of mutually detesting national groups that called itself a country.

el jefe confuses louielouie.
beginning a comment about the demise of the austrian-hungarian empire and concluding by describing the african continent(?), the mid-east(?), or the sub-asian continent(?).

eteraz said...

europeans are not lagging behind muslim-europeans in birth because muslims are having too much sex. it's because europeans aren't producing children. look up the stats on european (non-Muslim) birth-rates. you'd think with all the ho's, hookers and european sluts, there would be childre all over the place looking like some weird mixture of frances mitterand and heidi klum. no: the only children are algerian-french and turkish-german. in my pan-european venture i saw *no* non-muslim toddlers. that speaks volumes cuz if you go to new york, little kids are all over the place, of all colors and stripes.