Monday, January 9, 2006

Uh, Is that an iceberg ahead, Cap'n. ?

El Jefe has been sort of out of things, of late. She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) has had Lasek eye-surgery, the Mother In Law has been in town, and the Jefe is sort of behind the 8-Ball at work. But lots going on, which El Jefe shall pontificate on as soon as he can.

Big news out of Iran. The commander of the Ground Forces of the Pasdaran-e Enghelab-e Islami, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, (IRGC), General Ahmed Kazemi, has apparently been killed in a plane crash. Dead with General Kazemi are the IGRC Director of Intelligence, the IGRC Director of Operations, the IGRC staff artillery commander and an IGRC Infantry Division commander, plus some aides.
The IGRC is essentially the equivalent, in Mullah Iran terms, of Nazi Germany's SS. Check out the Winds of Change, Reuters, AP, and Belmont Club for more. An interesting quote on this business from Winds of Change:
...if you compare the frequency and prominence of current and ex-IRGC members in the current government to clerics you'll see that Iran looks less like a theocracy and more and more like a traditional military junta.

Planes go down, but I find the timing of this crash rather interesting. General Kazemi is interesting, Winds of Change says the General was part of Iran's effort in Lebanon in the 1980's, no doubt dealing daily with Hezbollah, and various other no-goodniks. Iran is, to put it mildly, under the gun, with a nutbar president, on the verge of having a nuke, and on a collision course with the United States. Where did General Kazemi stand ?
Meanwhile, Chester has returned, over at Adventures of Chester. I agree with him that there are icebergs right ahead, a vast disturbance in the Force or whatever your metaphor for an impending uh-oh may be. I think we're moving right toward some kind of blowup with Iran. Have a look at his piece, here. Meanwhile, our idiots of Congressmen and journalists can think of nothing more to do than play gotcha over wiretapping, Judge Alito and probably the location of Titanic's deck chairs. More on this subject later.

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