Thursday, January 5, 2006

Obligations to the Dying

Drudge reports this evening that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon apparently suffered severe brain damage because of his cerebral hemorrhage yesterday. Drudge also reports, courtesy of, that Pat Robertson says that the Prime Minister’s stroke was possibly divine retribution for “divid…[ing]…[God’s]… land” although this personally made him “sad.” Meanwhile, Iranian President Mahmoud “Mad Jad” Ahmadinejad says he hopes the Prime Minister dies.

What a curse to live in such times, among such people ! I hope Mr. Robertson is misquoted. I do not altogether approve of him, but despite my disagreements with aspects of his politics, I have thought, generally, that he meant well. But how classless ! Prime Minister Sharon is dying, and whatever he did in this life, (which I will comment on at another time), and whatever offenses he gave to others, will be judged and weighted at another place, by another One whose judgments are true and righteous altogether. What are the theories and suppositions of a parson; or the deluded rantings of a slavering demagogue, next to that ?

Chivalry indeed seems dead. But one cannot expect nobility out of montebanks, who are what passes for leaders and exemplars in the modern world. How can there be peace, ever, without decency ? I can only remember what Confederate States President Jefferson Davis (someone whom I deeply admire) said about the death of his most formidable enemy, United States President Ulysses S. Grant. President Davis had every reason to despise President Grant, to hate him, to revel in Grant’s slow, agonizing painful death by cancer of the throat. Whatever his private thoughts, President Davis had the decency and the humanity to keep any such thoughts private. When asked about Grant’s sufferings, President Davis said: “General Grant is dying. . . Instead of seeking to disturb the quiet of his closing hours, I would, if it were in my power, contribute to the peace of his mind and the comfort of his body.” Christ enjoined us to forgive our enemies. Could anybody do better than that ?

What can you make of people who are so dead to honor that they would say such things ? I can accept that some do not like Prime Minister Sharon, but let the man die in peace !


Jus said...

I'll keep my response short. Pat Robertson would have been one who Jesus Christ would have "chased out of the temple". And clearly his craving for the taste of his foot is insatiable. It vexes me that he insists on calling himself a Christian. The fact that Ahmadinejad hopes Sharon dies broadcasts his insecurity and fear. He has shackled himself with imaginary chains and handed the keys to Sharon. PATHETIC

Barry said...

I know what you mean about chivalry. If we could restore just a small piece of chivalry to this modern world it would be a far better place.
A place were our pastors prayed with people instead of preying upon them. A place were our teachers teach children instead of sexually abusing them. A place were our politicians worked for the people instead of working for their political party and re-election.
Its a much sadder place without a little Christian chivalry.