Friday, January 13, 2006

Moonbats on the March

As I got up off my futon this morning, went into the study and fired up my first doobie of the day, started up John Lennon's "Imagine" and poured my first cup of organic rainforest coffee (beans grown by the unionized workers of People's Sandinista Coffee Union No. 5), I looked out the window and saw the Moon coming up to the west. Bats were flying round it in the darkness, and I thought what a great day it'd be to impeach that warmonger imperialist Bush.
I had our sub-minimum wage El Salvadorian maid/nannie wake up the Heir, then went back to stuffing envelopes for the Wal Mart unionization drive. Wal Mart makes me so mad I could spit ! Making Bush's international trade pals rich, importing all that cheap stuff from China, and throwing women and minorities here at home out of work! I snarled, startling the maid bringing me another cup of organic rainforest coffee, as she mistook my Rage at the Machine for disgruntlement at her. I redoubled my envelope-stuffing efforts (the better to avoid another silly talk about a raise). Besides, stuffing's important, have to help those less fortunate !
NPR was playing on the radio as I drove the Volvo SUV out of the garage, new "Is it 2008 yet ?" sticker firmly in place, right above the "Bush lied !" sticker; and my "Dean in 2008" and "Re-elect President Gore !" stickers. The radio is full of reports about Bush's new imperialist venture in Iran. Yes, the Empire is on the march again. Dick Cheney and Halliburton set to profit from more blood for oil ! The Iranians wouldn't want nukes if they weren't terrified of US imperialism.
The New York Times, unopened, sits on the seat next to me. The Times is our one real hope. If the Times keeps punching, and TV pitches in, maybe there will be enough scandals to stop Bush in his tracks. We can only hope. I arrive at work, humming the Internationale.

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