Friday, January 13, 2006

Moonbat Court Dreaming (I)

Yes, it looks like that evil Sam Alito is going to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, so he can rubber-stamp Bush’s power grabs, his encroachments on the constitution, his imperialist wars. Instead of a Borking, Alito's just Swift-Boating right on by. Only the brave Senator Kennedy is left to swim against the tide.

Just as in the past we lefties stood against Fascism, for jobs, civil rights for minorities, for diversity, inclusion, tolerance and peace, the Left -- and its Democratic Party -- today carry on the fight for equally important goals: abortion, for campaign finance reform to silence those pesky blogs and for defea, --- oops, I mean withdrawal from Iraq.

Maybe Borking Alito is not really the answer we need. Even if we kept Alito off the court, and forced Evil Emperor Bush to go back to his Corpo Trade Federation Fat Cat backers and ask them for another robot, it doesn’t solve the underlying problem of what to do about America – always throwing its weight around in the world; not falling in with Europe’s plans for socialism and peace; raping the world’s resources and causing imperialist wars.
Clearly, (based on the last fixed election) almost 60 percent of the yokels in this country can't be trusted. A bunch of loud-mouthed, smelly, no-culture, Southern Red State rubes; who are not properly educated, eat red meat, who will not take the direction of their betters, who are hopelessly retro (still own flags and say the Pledge of Allegiance), listen to country music. We need to find a way to permanently checkmate these louts, until we can re-educate and get them properly Europeanized, or otherwise tranquilized...
What we REALLY need is an International Supreme Court, just for America, to keep Red State America in line and make it a true Kinder, Gentler Amerika; an Amerika that respects the rights of other countries, of minorities, women, the poor, the differently abled, those of non-majoritarian religions, or of no religion, the trees, the animals, and all the good people and things of earth.
Who would we want on this Court ? Something I’ll definitely have to consider as I drive to lunch at a trendy French restaurant, in my Volvo SUV, listening to Air Amerika.


Candidly Caroline said...

I love your moonbat series!

Mrs. Alito's breakdown had to have some effect on those in the committee. Not believing any of them are bad people, only misguided by their sense of rationalization in politics, it was probably one of those internal "Oh crap, what have I done now? I've taken it too far again, haven't I?" reactions.
Although that will never be outwardly shown, I believe it will pull at the hearts of many of them, and, perhaps, they can put some of this politicking aside and get back to working (and in some cases working out) together.

Anonymous said...

But, you left out a GRAND idea! G-R-A-N-D, really.

Instead of Alito, hold out bitterly, until they won't even suggest anyone else. Then appoint and summarily swear in William Jefferson Clinton.

How w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l it would be to have someone of his legal acumen and standards on the high court!

Then, in just a short couple of years, with Mrs. Hillary President, our day will have come!

Praise that day!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are definatly classic nut cases !!!!!