Monday, January 23, 2006

Long Island Lolita

Amy Fisher, the “Long Island Lolita” is going to have a made for TV “reunion” with her former lover, Joey Buttafuoco (no, don’t even start with THAT name) and his wife, the former Mrs. Buttafuoco. Yeah, you remember, the same Mrs. Buttafuoco the aforesaid L.L. Lolita (age 17 at the time) shot in the face and left partially paralyzed.
L.L. Lolita, now 31 says that it’s “…time to just put it behind us” and opines that it would be “…interesting to let the public see the healing process.” I guess making a parody of shooting and maiming is no real big deal today, especially if all parties can make a few bucks out of the deal.
Joey B (now age 49), says that there will be a “lot of shocking revelations” and says that he was asked “a million times” by Mrs. B: “[w]hy did Amy shoot me ?” Well, Mrs. B, maybe because L.L. Lolita was bopping your husband and wanted him to herself ? Joey, clearly a rocket scientist, says that he was “never able to get that answer.”
L.L. Lolita got seven years. Joey went on to divorce, and a stint in jail for unrelated insurance fraud. Mrs. B, who would be deserving of sympathy, not to mention every penny produced by this sordid enterprise if she were not making a joke of herself, is now engaged. Hope you have a pre-nup Mrs. B. Now, there’s just nothing for it but to wait for the “shocking revelations.” Soon, no doubt, to be a large-print book, with monosyllabic words, large print and lots of pictures, coming to a drug store newsstand near year. Let the “healing” begin.

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Anonymous said...

A decline in morality in this country which I attribute to WJC-- yes William Jefferson Clinton and the media. At least the media didn't plaster it all over the front page when earlier presidents (JFK) was doing it. Of course, the reason we have TMI about JFK after the fact is...guess.....