Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !

Okay, the Iranian mullahs have or are getting a nuke, they want to build a missile and every day they come up with new threats and vaporings about the Great Satan, Israel, or whoever they want to wipe off the map this week.

Meanwhile, Bolivia has just sworn a Coca farmer in as President, who promises to clamp down on the drug trade. Uh huh, just like wheat farmers are into low carb diets. Meanwhile, Pres. Coca Farmer wants to join Nutjob Chavez and Fuhrer Fidel in an "Axis of Good" to counter what he calls a US led "Axis of Evil." Evidently the "Axis of Good" term is coinage of Dictator Chavez, and that's seriously what they call it -- an "axis."

Leaving aside the nuttyness, has anybody told these guys about the history of the term "axis?" Maybe about its first users 60 years back ? Okay, okay, El Jefe admits he'd like to see Chavez and Fidel wind up at the gas-station trussed-up like Signor Mussolini, but just from the marketing point of view, El Jefe suggests that the Three Stooges are getting some bad brand-naming advice.

While Persian and Latin nutbars want to spin the world off on wacko axes, all Washington can talk about is how shocked, shocked everyone is that our security apparatus might want to tap into communications between the US and abroad. Almost like they're worried wackjobs might want to blow us up or something ?

More comment on all this in due time. For some weird reason, people expect El Jefe to hold down a job.

Meanwhile, something of far, far bigger import than Mullahs with Nukes, or Sawdust Caesars ordering their white horses...

Drudge has a headline, lead-in or whatever, today: "Lindsay Lohan VANITY FAIR Confessional: The Drugs, the Eating Disorder, The Breakdown, The BreakUps, the Compulsive Spending...Stress...Showbiz Spiral..." Bet there aren't any Google searches today for Lindsay Lohan. Bet nobody ruins their mouse trying to bring this story up. No image searches on Ms. Lohan either. Sure. Do you think Vanity Fair wants to rack up some serious sales ? Makes El Jefe want to go out and buy Vanity Fair NOW, NOW, NOW. And just for the articles.


Candidly Caroline said...

I actually feel really bad for Lindsay Lohan. She seemed quite smart and like one of the together ones until the past year. I hope she stays away from all the troublemakers and gets herself back together.
Meanwhile ... you mean you actually have to work, too? Don't they understand our need for constant, unbridled self-expression??

El Jefe Maximo said...

It cannot be easy to be a "celebrity." The money, publicity, constant travel and the adulation by fawning fans, while probably a tremendous high, are all, over the long run, corrosives demanding payment in various ways.

Little wonder some of them try to walk away from it or otherwise find seclusion -- Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Paul Newman to name a few.