Monday, January 23, 2006

Canadian Elections

Canada votes today, and unless the polls are all wrong, the noxious Liberals, who have dominated Canadian politics since the late 1950's, are about to be consigned to a spell out of power.
Since the "repatriation" of Canada's constitution, and the diminution of that country's ties with Great Britain, a certain amount of public animus towards the Colossus of the South is probably a political necessity to a canny Canuck politico. American money, culture and trade completely dominate Canada; and if the Maple Leaf follows the Stars and Stripes in everything, of what use is the existence of Canada ?
To be sure, the disagreements between the two governments are mostly rhetorical and over matters of little consequence, and for that reason, all the more intractable. Geography dictates the relationship: in ways not to Canada's advantage. The relative size of the two countries, (as measured by population and GDP, and the proximity of the parties, and the presence of Quebec, which severely divides Canada internally), ensures that in everything that counts, Canada is going to be very much a junior partner of the US. For all these reasons, it is unwise to hope for much atmospheric improvement of relations between Ottawa and Washington.
It has been said of Canada that the country was blessed with the opportunity to have the best of everything: French culture, British law and American industry; but instead wound up with American culture, French law and British industry. If Canada is even more unlucky, it might wind up with a considerable number of Blue State refugees, if American politics persists in the present happy pattern.

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