Thursday, October 20, 2005

This Just In from Moonbat Central

Hugo Chavez, Tinpot Dictator of Venezuela, states that he is in possession of "intelligence" indicating that the US is getting ready to invade his oil-rich Bolivarian Banana Republic. Has to be false, unfortunately, the US is usually not that smart. Hugo'd do good in a padded cell in Guantanamo.
The Big Banana did not fail to add the usual commie diatribe about the US being "imperialist" and "terrorist." If only we were half that bad, at least to folks like Chavez.
Two can play the warped proclamation game: El Jefe Maximo, Godfather el grande of West University, announces that he is in possession of "intelligence" indicating that Tinpot Hugo Chavez is a raving loudmouthed lunatic who molests collies.
UPDATE: Eagle 1 over at Eagle Speak has more on Wackjob Chavez's fevered invasion imaginings, plus a link to the CIA factbook entry on the Bolivarian Banana Republic of Venezuela. Here's hoping Limp Banana's nighmares come true sometime.


Eagle1 said...

Not the collies!

Pat Robertson was right?

This guy must go!

Gather the West U armies!

Eagle1 said...

No trackback feature?