Monday, October 3, 2005

Harriet Miers

I confess to being underwhelmed about President Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers to the vacancy on the Supreme Court. But I was yawning about the nomination of Chief Justice Roberts as well, and I have a much more favorable impression of him today than when the hearings process began.

Ms. Miers would not have been my own choice, and probably not that of most other conservatives, either. But it’s done now, the nomination has been made and it is time to support the President’s choice. I have criticisms of the President, but in the main, I like him, trust his judgment, and have generally agreed with his policy choices, and I approve of most of his personnel. President Bush has, so far, been right on most of the big things, and I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt here, at least until we hear from Ms. Miers. Conservatives should quit the carping, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, and exercise a little patience.

The chips are down. The liberals, the media and the foreigners think they have our President, and our country, on the run. There’s a war on, and the political strength of the administration is directly related to our ability to successfully prosecute it. Yeah, there are legitimate gripes to be made, but lets not lose sight of what is important. President Bush needs our support now, and no purpose whatever is served by division within our own ranks. Moaning about what might have been only helps our domestic and foreign enemies.
UPDATE (4 Oct. 2005). Have a look at Beldar's posts (here, here, here, and here), on Ms. Miers' qualifications, and some misrepresentations by her detractors over at Beldar Blog. These should be reassuring to most persons who have doubts as to Ms. Miers' s qualifications. Beldar's both a Texas trial lawyer, and a solid law blogger whose opinions on this subject are worth attention.


JWM said...

My first visit. I came because you made a very thougtful comment at my blog.

I agree with you regarding Miers and the President.

Here's part of what I wrote a few hours ago to another blogger who's mad at the President for the Miers' nomination:

I'm holding my judgement and hoping for the best regarding Miers, and the President's decision to nominate her.

Meanwhile, this center-right political independent will do nothing to aide, comfort, or encourage the party whose current national committee chairman once referred to the President as "the enemy."

And I'll do nothing that will help the party that nominated as its presidential candidate a Senator who called for regime change in Washington on the very day American troops were fighting their way into Baghdad.

So there's that.

Then there's this:

Have any of today's "Bush is wrong" and "Bush caved" crowd taken a deep breath and said to one another something like: "Remember last presidential election night around about 6 PM Eastern?

Didn't we all "know" from early exit polls that Kerry had beaten Bush in what looked like a an electoral college landslide? How could Bush and Rove have blown it, we asked?

And there was Bill Kristol on Fox News ready with the answer: "Bush failed to get his message across."

About four hours later, Kristol told Fox viewers "people often underestimate this President."

Really, Bill?

Nice hearing from you, Kingdom of Chaos blogger.



Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by this choice. If she were truly interested in serving, why didn't she agree to serve on the Tx Court the many times W asked her???

I am saddened that a woman who has never been married nor has children is being asked to serve We The People.