Friday, September 23, 2005

Waiting for Rita

Shortly after noon, the sun disappered, and the sky began clouding up. Wind is up slightly. No rain yet, but I expect some in the next hour or so, judging from the radar images. Looks as if Port Arthur will get the brunt of Rita: landfall of the eye is expected about 1 a.m. tomorrow, she has sped up in the past couple of hours.
We have made what preparations we can, and are just waiting. In Casa El Jefe dinner is being prepared. Houston seems deserted, judging from the news programing, and reports from friends about town. No gas, no groceries, and everything closed.
The freeway mess from last night seems to have been cleared up. Good, I have been pleased that the state, local and county authorities, and the Department of Public Safety seem to be on top of their jobs. Texas ain't Louisiana.
I will continue to make entries when there is something of interest to report. The wind has gotten more audible outside the windows in the brief time that I have been writing this.

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