Thursday, September 22, 2005


We appear to be stuck in Houston.

We left the palatial El Jefe residence in the West University area about 2:30 a.m., made good time out Bellaire to Fondren, then to Westheimer, then to FM 1093. Got stuck, about 3:15 a.m. on Grand Parkway (was the jam there, or the jam that developed on that part of 1093), and we chose Grand Parkway.

Stuck there until 5:15 a.m., when we found a side road that eventually led us to I-10. I-10 west is simply stopped dead, from roughly Grand Parkway to Beltway 8, as we found when we gave up and headed back in, despite the fact we had noted the storm's turn towards Galveston.
Reason for heading back is at the rate we were going, I'm not sure we could have even gotten to Columbus without running out of gas, and there was no assurance of more fuel. Although, I thought we and the cats would be okay for however long the trip took. I was worried about the strain on our vehicle -- if it overheated, or there was a wreck, we'd be toast. Finally, lots of wacked-out, grumpy people on the road. Saw bunches of stalls and overheated vehicles, and at least one accident. There are going to be some incidents if the traffic situation persists.

We had talked about going to I-59 and just heading for Laredo, and I'm still wondering if that was not a bad plan. I suspect at first light there's going to be something of a panic here.

I guess we're riding it out here, unless another opportunity comes up to get out, which I seriously doubt. We have water, supplies for a few days, and will fort up in either the downstairs bathroom or next to the stairs.

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Baron Bodissey said...

I passed this on to Instapundit. I hope you live-blog it as long as you can. Godspeed.