Thursday, September 22, 2005

On the Eve ?

We have just arrived home from dinner with several of the neighbors. Sort of a pre-Rita party, to eat up all the consumables requiring refrigeration. Some wine, and of course Margaritas, to drink to Rita's ill health.
We have worked hard to get ready. Supplies are assembled. We have built a little fort in the house, SWMBO has assembled the papers, and organized the food, we have from five to six days food and water. batteries, flashlights, fire extinguishers. Pick-ax for debris, tools, food for the cats. We have one car with a full tank of fuel, the other with half to three quarters after our odyssey of this morning.
I have made sure the garage door is accessable without power. The windows are the weak point in our defenses, we do not have wood, and none is available. Pictures are down, and there are a few more objects to move from near the windows in the morning (mostly my book collection), but I think we're about as ready as can be. God grant it be enough.
To bed, for tomorrow will be a long day.

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