Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Modern Huns

Wretchard over at Belmont Club reports today that Gaza Strip greenhouses, purchased from their Jewish settler builders for the use of Palestinians by hopeful but stupid American philanthropists, have been ransacked and looted by Palestinian mobs. Prior to their destruction, the greenhouses provided jobs for 3,500 Palestinians, as well as fresh produce.

The Palestinian Authority supposedly lacked the manpower to protect the greenhouses, possibly because witnesses report its police joined the looters.

As I said yesterday: barbarians. Wicked, vicious vermin, no more capable of building a state than I am of flying. This is not completely the fault of the looters, but the responsibility of generations of Arab and Palestinian leaders, more focused on bombing airplanes, killing other people’s children and nursing their status as victims rather than on study, universities, law or philosophy. Products of a bankrupt culture: the scum who burn books and synagogues; who loot greenhouses, who worship suicide bombers and justify honor killings of their own daughters are worthy heirs of Arafat, Atta and Bin Laden


Anonymous said...

And what do you think the Israeli’s will do when this plan does not work and the palestinians keep blowing things up?
It will be pretty easy to tell the rest of the world to stuff it and then wipe them out. "We tried to make peace, gave them land etc...."

Eagle1 said...

As long as they have their neighbors to blame for their own short-comings, I guess they will never mature into something resembling a civilized society.

Eagle1 said...

Leaving the synagogues to be burned was "public relations entrapment" it says here and as noted by Attila.

The "Devil made me do it" defense.