Monday, September 12, 2005

Gaza "Liberated"

The wire services this morning report that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) completed their Gaza Strip pull out this morning, Brigadier Aviv Kochavi bringing up the rear as Gaza is free of Israeli forces for the first time since June of 1967.

What do the Palestinians do to celebrate their “liberation ?” First there was farce: mobs firing guns into the air to celebrate their “heroism” in “driving out” the Jews. Play-acting then gave way to vandalism: the celebration of “freedom” by the aforementioned mobs burning the abandoned Jewish synagogues.

Barbarians. Yes, you read that word right. The Palestinians now have all of Gaza to make of it what they will, and you as well as I know what will result. In place of prosperous and productive Israeli settlements of unfortunately dubious legality; right-thinking people everywhere can and will rejoice that Gaza has been handed over, quite legally, to mobs who desecrate houses of worship and lie to themselves about their own bravery.

I can’t wait so see what kind of state that people who venerate suicide bombers who murder children will make. No state at all of course, this is quite beyond these people, who will make nothing more than a ghetto/refugee camp/nest-of-terrorists on a large scale.

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