Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wine and Cheese

Last night, El Jefe shamelessly abandoned the diet, enjoying with his supper most of a bottle of Fish Eye, a Napa Valley Pinot Grigio. As an extra special treat, I unmasked part of my stash of Secret Cheese No. 505, which might be the Parmigiano-Reggiano referred to in an earlier post, but El Jefe's not saying.
The Pinot Grigio had been an impulse buy. I have, in the past, not been terribly fond of California Pinot Grigios. The Sacred Books, (in this case the Wine Lover's Companion), tell us that only small quantities of the Pinot Gris grape are grown in this country, some in Oregon, some in the Napa Valley -- and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Fish Eye ('04), despite its most unprepossessing moniker, was most excellent, being neither too sweet nor too heavy.
And the chesse...mmmmmm, super yummy ! Only, the excellent cheese creates a small problem. SWMBO was very quick to note its presence in the Palace. How will El Jefe manage to replenish the supply without a fatwa being issued ? Perhaps I can explain I'm a member of the World Cheese Commission (WCC), charged with local quality assurance, or possibly that my cheese stocks are "allied stocks" held per special agreement with friendly governments allied to El Jefe ? Perhaps the cheese represents tribute from El Jefe's loyal vassals ? A difficult conundrum indeed.
Fell asleep dreaming pleasant dreams of total world domination, legions of happy subjects, vast cheese and wine quantities, huge palaces, limos, private jets and comely mistresses. (Note to SWMBO: you did not read that last).


The B.... said...

Alas, I have eaten the rest of the cheese whilst you transport the heir to PS.

Anonymous said...

Who is this SWMBO person? Sounds like a mean and bossy person. Are you afraid of her?