Monday, August 22, 2005

The Heroic "Minutemen"

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not "insurgents" or "terrorists" or "The Enemy." They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win. Get it, Mr. Bush?
Michael Moore, 14 April 2004 (emphasis in original)

Chester, over at Adventures of Chester, calls attention here to MEMRI’s transcript of an astonishing broadcast on Iraqi television, the interrogation of a piece of excrement named Ramzi Hashem Abed, a captured Iraqi terrorist. The whole thing is worth reading here, and as Chester says, the reels and reams of this stuff coming out now should be seen on American television. Of course that won’t happen, because the media is no doubt afraid it would cause people to understand that the Iraq War is a just one. Here’s a brief excerpt:

(from Al-Fayhaa TV)
Interrogator: "What is your full name?"
Abed: "Ramzi Hashem Abed."
. . .
Interrogator: "What organization do you belong to?"
Abed: "Ansar Al-Islam."
Interrogator: "What organization is this?"
Abed: "It is bin Laden's group."
. . .
Interrogator: "Did you kidnap women?"
Abed: "Yes."
Interrogator: "There were operations of kidnapping and rape, carried out by the squad you belong to?"
Abed: "Yes."
Interrogator: "Tell me how many rape and kidnapping operations were carried out. My information says that the kidnapped women were university students or daughters of famous people. You raped them and got money for it, and if they were not slaughtered afterwards.... Did this really happen?"
Abed: "Yes, it did."
. . .
Interrogator: "You bastards. This is Jihad? You call this Jihad? "
Interrogator 2: "Did you participate in the rape and murder?"
Abed: "No. Just one who worked for the PUK. She was a Kurd."
Interrogator: "In the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan?"
Abed: "Yes. We brought her too."
Interrogator: "And you raped her?"
Abed: "Yes."

(from Al-Iraqiya TV)
Interrogator: "Did you rape anyone?"
Abed: "Only one woman, a relative of mine."
Interrogator: "A relative of yours. You kidnapped her and raped her?"
Abed: "No, we did not kill her."
Interrogator: "You didn't kill her, only raped her?"
Abed: "Yes."

The MEMRI site linked above has the whole transcript, and a video as well.
In a sane world, things like Mr. Abed would be tied to a post, sans blindfold, given the cigarette, and given a 5.56 mm trip to see Allah, or Satan, in this case. Thank God this creature seems to be in Iraqi custody and not American, because plenty of leftist do-gooders would shout themselves hoarse seeing that this heroic freedom fighter, this “Minuteman,” got his legal rights. I’m sure the Iraqis know just what to do with people like this.

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