Tuesday, July 12, 2005

El Jefe Out of Town

El Jefe today departs his capital, seen off by the assembled Corps Diplomatique; his regiments of loyal goombas, including "El Jefe's Own" parading by in their full dress Chicago/New York mobster uniforms, (each toting his presentation model Classic Mobster Thompson M1928AI submachine gun); and a cast of thousands of well-wishers. El Jefe waived to the cheering throngs as he rode through the city, Cosmo in one hand, all the while, to SWMBO's intense irritation, carrying on a conversation with himself about Clausewitz, Napoléon, Churchill or some other Dead White Male.
El Jefe leaves with his family, bartenders, cooks, valets, mistresses, barbers and bottle-washers, and his books, papers, swimming and hiking gear, plus his faithful laptop "Sancho" for the boonies of central Texas for summer vacation. The original destination was Seaside, FL, but an unfortunate series of events involving Hurricanes Dennis the Menace and his bimbo cohort Cindy, rained on that parade. Fear not, El Jefe will return, at which time the blogging will continue till morale improves.

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