Friday, June 10, 2005

Wolf at the Door

We need your help! Speak out to your representative, contact one of the organizations at; or if you know anyone in Zimbabwe spread the message, we are going to stand up for what's rightfully ours.
The Zimbabwean Pundit, post of 6 June 2005.
As you sit at your computer reading this, the government of Zimbabwe has, deliberately, with malice aforethought, driven nearly a million people from their homes, which were promptly razed. The bandit Mugabe regime calls this “Operation Murambatsvina” (meaning “drive out trash”).

The Drive Out Trash campaign is punishment for the urban poor and others who had the temerity to support the opposition political party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in elections last March, and in the previous two elections. Mugabe and his henchmen have evidently decided to depopulate the urban areas of the country (much like Pol Pot in Cambodia) to see that this does not happen again.

There is nobody, in Zimbabwe, at least, who can stop Mugabe now, after the blatantly fraudulent Parliamentary elections. Mugabe has a sufficient majority to change the constitution, wiping out the last remains of the democracy foisted on Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party when Rhodesia gave way to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe was once relatively prosperous – Winston Churchill, in former times, called the country the “pearl of Africa.” Today, 80 percent of working age persons in Zimbabwe are unemployed. Mugabe’s regime systematically destroyed the nation’s agricultural system – expropriating farms and vast tracts of land to reward his supporters. The Mugabe regime has driven out foreign capital, and is in the last stages of expropriating and driving into exile or impoverishment his country’s most educated and productive citizens, because they’re primarily of European descent, their families in Zimbabwe for generations. Food is desperately short. The United Nations is estimating that between 3 and 4 million Zimbabweans face starvation unless food aid arrives. Even aid is no real solution – Mugabe and his thugs routinely steal aid supplies and hoard them for their supporters. Many people, including so many, many children, are, most assuredly, going to die.

With so many humanitarian tragedies in this world, most of us in America and in Europe are relatively inured to yet another African disaster. The Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia – so many deaths. What makes Zimbabwe’s plight so monstrous is that this holocaust is being deliberately induced, created, as a matter of state policy, in the same way that the Nazis murdered the Jews, or the Soviets murdered much of their peasantry. Where are our liberal friends now ? Where are the bleeding hearts incessantly screaming about US atrocities in Iraq, or the plight of the Palestinians, or the “victims” at Guantanamo ? The silence is deafening. Mugabe, of course, is a longtime darling of the international left…

Meanwhile, tyrant Mugabe opened his puppet Parliament today, arriving in a Rolls Royce, medals on his chest, inspecting his honor guard, and calling for “unity.” Best thing for Zimbabwe would be Mugabe swinging from a lamppost.

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