Thursday, June 9, 2005

Prince on a Hunger Strike

Daily Briefing on Iran, a good source for events in that country, reports that H.I.H. Prince Reza of Iran, exiled son of the late Shah, has announced plans to go on a hunger strike for three days (starting tomorrow), in solidarity with Iran’s many political prisoners. He has also urged Iranians to boycott the sham elections that the bandits that run the so-called-Islamic Not-a-republic are holding on 17 June. As the Prince points out, Iran is only country in the world "whose written constitution specifically denies that sovereignty belongs to its citizens."

I’ve been a Prince Reza watcher, and admirer, for years. I have always thought that had his father abdicated in time, or died a few years sooner, Prince Reza would have succeeded to the Peacock Throne, there would have been no Khomeni regime, and the last 25 years would have been happier for Iran and the whole Middle East. Ironic that the son of the late Shah is the most articulate and visible spokesman for a more liberal Iran.

Iran is full of people who don’t like the present regime, and who want better relations with the United States. This doesn’t mean that the demise of the present regime would open the doors to perpetual sweetness and light – Iranians of all political stripes, for example, would support their country’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. That’s okay. A sane, but nationalist, liberal regime, that held real elections, would be a vast improvement over today’s false republic, actually a theocratic tyranny, with its so-called morality police, torture chambers, its jailings and murder of opponents. Here’s hoping there’s a free Iran someday.
UPDATE: Something is stirring in Iran this morning. Iran defeated Bahrain for a World Cup, 2006 qualification, and celebrations of this event have apparently turned into anti-regime demonstrations. There are apparently riots in cities all over the country, and the citizens are attacking the regime's riot police. Check out Regime Change Iran, (links in this post and in the blogroll) which is following this closely.

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