Friday, June 17, 2005

Iranian "Elections"

The Iranians are having their “election” today. Despite the multiplicity of candidates, the quotes around “election” are fully deserved. A real election implies choice. For the Iranian people, 70 percent of whom are under 30 and have no memory of the Revolution of 1979 that founded the Islamic tyranny, the choice presented today is rather like the choice between being hanged or shot.

The Islamic Republic is a sham that is neither Islamic, nor a Republic. It is instead a con game wherein unelected clerics rig the election for Powerless President by deciding who may run and who may not, and then using the chosen patsy as a sock-puppet when he is finally “elected.” The incumbent president, the so-called reformist Mohammad Khatami, had the power to do little beyond order no-doubt impressive business cards and perhaps re-arrange the chairs in his reception room.

As a foreigner, who wishes the Iranian people well, El Jefe begs leave to doubt whether the last Iranian Revolution was worth it at all. Revolutions seldom establish liberty, but instead, they lead to the construction of greater and more dangerous tyrannies. This was the pattern in the French and Russian Revolutions, and the same has held true in Iran.

What’s the solution ? Certainly, today’s New York Times offers no useful advice, today saying that: “[f]or all of its multiple flaws, this election is the best tool available to the Iranian people to indicate which way they want their troubled country to head over the next four years.” Typical New York Times logic: "yeah, things are bad, but tell the slobs who didn't go to Harvard to take their gruel and shut up."
Beg pardon, but legitimizing the non-choice presented by Iran’s clerical tyrants by participating in their fake election is no help at all. As the Regime Change Iran blog says here, (quoting Iranian blogger): “A vote for any of these candidates is approval of poverty, oppression, prostitution, humiliation, frustration, brain drain…” Absolutely right. Here’s to Iranians who stay home today, who deny their criminal masters legitimization through their votes.

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