Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Coming Attractions

El Jefe has lots of things working, but not much ready for posting just yet. Among other things, I’m working on (1) a discussion of the Korea nuclear issue; (2) endgame for the insurgency in Iraq; (3) the wider war against Al Qaeda; (4) something on the First World War; (5) a food and wine entry; and, (6) life now that Heir is at camp for the next month. Some of these require a bit of background reading that I have not completed yet.
Meanwhile, there’s always the day job, (yawn) and fantasies about escaping to my vast Palace by the Sea to oversee my armies of servants, enjoy my wine collection, vast fortune, and the attentions of my numerous babe paramours, and receive petitioners and well-wishers. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Dymphna said...

Hmm...so you're Bill Clinton, huh? He didn't let his day job get in the way of some of that...