Monday, June 6, 2005

Aiding our Enemies

The Associated Press (via the Washington Post and Drudge) reports today that former US President Bill Clinton has urged French President Jacques Chirac not to be discouraged by the recent rejection of the proposed EU constitution by voters in France and Holland. Mr. Clinton reportedly suggested that Mr. Chirac “listen to voters’ concerns” and “go back to work.”

Now why would a former American President give advice and encouragement to the anointed leader of anti-American political forces in Europe and elsewhere ? Why would he offer counsel calculated to assist and support in the creation of a politically unified EU, one of the primary purposes of which, according to its backers, is to serve as a counterpoise to the US ?
Clearly, these questions don't concern former US President Clinton. Or, au contraire, perhaps they do, but Mr. Clinton thinks that creating a rival for the US is a good thing. After all, Nationalism is usually considered a great evil by lefties.

Why is Mr. Clinton still popular with Democrats ? Stupid question. Perhaps a better one is: why would an American vote for a Democrat, for anything, ever again ?

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