Monday, May 23, 2005

Return to Galveston

I would have done almost anything to get out of town this last weekend, and luck was with us, because T most graciously invited El Jefe and family down to their beach house in Galveston Saturday afternoon. This sounded like a great idea to us, so El Jefe, the Heir and SWMBO loaded up and cruised.

Now I know it’s virtually impossible to get lost between Houston and Galveston, and we’ve been down this road lots, but we gave it our best shot. Thinking to avoid the traffic on I-45 out of Houston, we opted to leave the city on State Highway 288. Good idea, because there was no traffic this way, but you do need to look out for the Sam Houston Tollway, so that you can switch back to I-45 for the bulk of the journey. However, we got so busy chattering that we missed the turn, and didn’t catch our error until we were nearly to Angleton (down the coast from Galveston). We turned around, and got a splendid tour of Alvin, Santa Fe and other Gulf Coast garden spots winding our way back over towards I-45 and Galveston.

In any case we finally made it. T promptly made some really excellent Cosmos, which was such a good thing, because I needed one at this point. Shortly thereafter we went to dinner (Playa de Loro, in Pirate’s Beach Center – try the Tortilla Soup, El Jefe pronounces it very good). Then back to the beach house where T, her husband E and El Jefe stayed up till all hours talking and drinking wine. (SWMBO retired early). The Heir, T’s kids and their other guest – a child they are keeping while his mother is in France – watched television.

Large quantities of water between glasses of wine ensured that we were able to avoid waking up with a wine-head that El Jefe, at least, no doubt merited. The Moon was very near full, producing most interesting luminous reflections off the very calm sea.

The next morning, the kids went to the beach and looked for crabs, while T made a yummy breakfast – biscuits and gravy, one of my favorites. My Mom used to make that – and except for when T makes it, I have not had it in years. Sadly, we had to leave about 10:30 a.m. to head back to Houston for a little league party. It was so nice to get out of town for even a little bit. Thanks so much to T and E for making that possible.


The Mommy said...

As always, the pleasure is ours having you down to Galveston. we love your company and wish you could have stayed longer.

MerryMadMonk said...

Galveston was my favorite getaway when I was stationed at Fort Hood.

We could hardly wait to get there and eat at Gaido's -- my all-time favorite restaurant in the world.

Walking on The Strand at, those are some good memories.

When I was at Fort Polk, I would go by way of Beaumont down to the Bolivar Peninsula and take the ferry across. A couple of times I went by motorcycle -- and it was absolutely a thrill cruising the Bolivar -- straight stretch, light traffic, the Gulf only yards away.

It was like flying...