Thursday, March 3, 2005

Somebody I know

There's a lady here in a shop in town I've known for years, casually. I met her shortly after SWMBO and I were married. As it turns out, she and her husband, both slightly older then I, were married about the time of my own wedding.
This lady became pregnant about the time SWMBO did, and she and SWMBO used to exchange pregnancy war stories. There is absolutely nothing more likely to make a male head for the hills then pregnancy stories, and this I duly did, heading for other portions of the store when the inevitable baby discussion came up.
The appointed time came, and SWMBO and I were soon enriched by the arrival of the Heir. Not long thereafter, I went back into the store, and our friend was gone. Some time passed, and knowing of her condition, we asked what had become of her. It turned out that she had miscarried, if that is the appropriate word for losing a baby far into the pregnancy. In any case, she had lost her baby, and had taken a leave of absence.
In time, she returned to the shop, and every so often we still see her, but since the time she went away, she has always treated us with a degree of reserve. I do not know what happened, but she has no children.
Today, I was off work early, and went there to collect something for my wife. The Heir was along, and she was there. She smiled, greeted me by name, but kept busy with what she was doing, and someone else assisted us. And then I understood. How hard for her, remembering what was once, and what was to be, and how it was snatched away. Why them and not me ?

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Anonymous said...

Dear El Jefe,

It has been 9 years since the birth of the Heir. Perhaps you are being too sensitive. Maybe the lady thinks you are snubbing her. Be chatty to her about something other than children and friendly as you usually are.

La Belle