Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Politicos and Terri Schiavo

War in Iraq; possible war in Syria North Korea and Iraq; terrorist incidents in Qatar; China arming to the teeth; our alliances with Europe increasingly a dead-letter; Osama on the loose; American TSA agents beaten by Mexican police; both the public debt and oil prices at record highs…but fear not citizens ! Congress is on the job. The Washington Post tells us that, in special session this evening, the Senate passed a bill giving the federal courts jurisdiction over Terri Schiavo, so that a US district judge can order her feeding tube reinserted. The House of Representatives is expected to act this evening also, and President Bush is in town to sign the bill.

Good to see that Congress can churn that legislation out when it’s really important.

I don’t know what you think about the Terri Schiavo business. I don’t even know what I think about it, except that it’s unspeakably tragic. (If you aren’t up to speed on who Terri Schiavo is, I’ll let you have the pleasure of Googling that one yourself). Quite aside from the fact that the Federal courts need enhancements to their jurisdiction like I need a visit to Krispy Kreme, what’s up with Congress sticking its nose into this ?
I should think that other priorities would, or should have the Congress’s attention fully engaged. Yes the Schiavo situation is awful, but the Constitution simply does not charge Congress with creating universal happiness. Moreover, this is just bad precident. Problems similar to Ms. Schiavos crop up for families everywhere almost daily. If Ms. Schiavo is entitled to action by Congress, what about everyone else when their turn comes up ? Do we want a government, or a national Make-a-Wish foundation ?
Evidently, the Congress prefers grandstanding to addressing real threats to the general prosperity and happiness. The solons need to quit playacting for headlines and get busy.

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