Monday, March 28, 2005

Oblivious, not Observant

By order of SWMBO, I had my hair cut on Saturday.

I don’t know why I put things like that off. Possibly because I fail to notice any change from “before” to “after” ? There hasn’t been a barber, stylist, or whatever you want to call them my entire life whom I haven’t told, following the experience, that my hair looked “wonderful.” Honestly, I can’t usually tell the difference.

Rather like losing weight. The scales and the clothes reveal a change, but the guy in the mirror is still the same – no Joe Stud. I’m just “observance challenged.” It’s quite possible for me to wear unmatched socks, get pairs of shoes confused or miss a belt-loop, probably because I’m generally thinking of completely unrelated matters: the rise of China, how many battalions Napoléon had at Austerlitz, chaos in the middle-east, the blonde who walked by at lunch, or the world distribution of Jello. Glad SWIMBO is around to be observant.

Yeah, I know, I know, I’m still El Jefe, ruler of the universe, and all the adjacent territories, to whom all the other capos must do obeisance – all under the general rule of MILO and FLINKY. Still, being observant is just not my strong point.

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