Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dinner with T and Company

Last night, El Jefe and SWMBO were the guests of T and her husband. T prepared a really splendid dinner in honor of El Jefe’s birthday. T is a really excellent cook and lots of fun, so I had been looking forward to this for awhile.

We started out drinking some of T’s Green Lizard vodka martinis. Super Good ! El Jefe opened his cool presents while we chatted – friend P and her husband joining us for drinks. We then moved on to dinner on T’s screened-in porch. She had displaced her usual coffee-table and chairs arrangement in favor of a large round table that was all set and waiting for us (complete with plenty of water which some of us , such as your author, definitely needed after martinis and the wine served with dinner). We dined outside and looked at T’s cool pool, and later, joined by T's cats, chatted till very late, when El Jefe, perhaps feeling the effect of one too many Green Lizards, began to want to snooze.

Dinner itself was snapper with a sort of salsa garnish (very, very good), cheese grits – I love cheese grits and these were very yummy, and a really good salad. I am hoping SWMBO will inquire as to the recipes for this stuff. There were several desert offerings, of which El Jefe preferred the Chocolate Lava-Cake (one of T’s specialities).

In any case, we had a wonderful evening. This was such a cool birthday present ! Thanks so much to T for planning and cooking, and to T and E both for having us in their home.

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Anonymous said...

El Jeffe, you are most welcome!!!

It was my pleasure to do something for you - you have become on eof my best friends as well as a trusted and loyal confidant. I hope we are able to share many more birthdays!!!!

the Mommy