Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Committee to Save Kofi

To nobody’s great surprise, Reuters reports today that the “independent inquiry” into the UN’s (United Dictators’) oil-for-food scandal has found “no evidence” that United Dictators Secretary-General Kofi Annan interfered or exercised improper influence in the awarding of a contract to a company that employed Mr. Annan’s son Kojo.

Kojo, the “independent inquiry” found “intentionally deceived the secretary-general,” that is, Daddy, about his continuing financial relationship with this employer. “Significant questions,” the inquiry says, remain about Kojo, the “integrity of his business” his “financial dealings with respect to the oil-for-food program.”

Seriously, in El Jefe’s perhaps jaundiced opinion, there was no way any of this was going to be found to touch Kofi Annan. I’m not saying there’s anything to find here, but even if there was, the worldwide chattering classes both abroad and here at home have too much invested in keeping Kofi in place as one of the vital front men in the transnational project. Nothing must be permitted to damage the Secretary-General’s viability as a chief standard-bearer for the World Movement to Keep Gulliver (that is, the US) Tied Down. If a few pawns like Kojo have to be sacrificed to keep the UN pristine, so be it.

Whatever the real truth of the Oil-for-Food scandal may be, the “reputation” of the UN will be protected at virtually any cost. After all, don’t want the redneck Americans to get riled up and do something sane, like tell the UN adios forever.

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