Wednesday, March 16, 2005

But Yes, I'm back !

El Jefe has been away for a few days, visiting the provinces, in this case Seaside, Florida. The Heir, SWMBO, and El Jefe had a great time, (maybe more details on that later). Naturally, this has cut into blogging, but never fear, the Great One is back in his capital.
After El Jefe greets his millions of humble well-wishers, and hob-nobs with his capos coming to pay their respects; inspects his regiments of elite Goombas; returns his phone calls (from W, Queen Elizabeth, Putin and Britney Spears); reproves his bureaucrats, drinks a few Cosmos; visits with his (numerous) mistresses; and, (okay, back to reality), receives guidance from High Patronesses MILO and FLINKY, not to mention works for a living, new nuggets of wisdom will no doubt appear. Stay tuned.

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The Mommy said...

Thank GAWD!!!!!!!!!! It was SO BORING without you here!!!!