Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Slow Start to Week

El Jefe apologizes to his cadre of loyal readers for not having a lot to say at the start of this week. For the moment, readers, yea, the whole world, will have to rest content knowing that El Jefe is hard at work at one of his palaces by the sea frantically scribbling away on several topics (among them, the National Intelligence Council’s recent “2020 Project” report, Mapping the Global Future).

So, while you wait for something new, you’ll just have to think of poor El Jefe, in his huge office in the palace guarded by his fanatically loyal and highly trained goombas; his servants bringing him Cosmo after Cosmo and lots of tasty hors d’oeuvres; while the Heir plays on the beach attended by other servants and hangers-on; SWMBO buys Monster Dryers, plus the total contents of Surroundings and other such emporiums; the servants talk in reverent tones about their kindest and most generous of bosses; and El Jefe’s numerous comely starlet-mistresses wonder why super-stud El Jefe is being such a crashing bore in that office scribbling away. All the while, the overworked secretaries are holding the calls from W, Vlad Putin, and the timeshare sales people.

Gradually, it dawns on El Jefe that the ringing in the background is not the secretaries holding W's calls, (although it COULD be the timeshare calls) but it's really the alarm clock saying it’s time to work. On that note…more later.

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Anonymous said...

Oh great one,

When are you going to write and publish a book?

We should want to go to your book signings and be seen!