Friday, February 4, 2005

FLASH ! US Driving Terrorists Wacko !

AP tells us that some “human rights” experts at the United Dictators (UN) have “expressed concern” about possible “irreversible psychiatric symptoms” developing among suspected terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Well, duh.

El Jefe thinks it would be pretty obvious to most sentient life-forms outside of university faculty lounges that members of organizations such as Taliban and Al Qaeda are a little, well, wacko to start with. I mean, after all, these are the guys that want to establish a world Islamic state and drive American influence out of the Middle East, put women in burkas, and ban televisions as fonts of Satanic influence. They want jihad forever against all "apostates” – non Muslims, Jews and even Shiites. Seems to me the Guantanamo Bay inmates were suffering from “irreversible psychiatric symptoms” long before they got thrown in the clink.

You’d think this would be obvious even to UN bureaucrats, but it doesn’t come up, at least in the portions of the “secret report” quoted by the AP. (The parts they do mention are utterly arid, loaded with jargon and read like they were written by robots to be read by computers).

Wonder if the authors of this nonsense thought at all about the “psychiatric symptoms” of airplane passengers, particularly small children, flying low at high speed over New York City to ram the World Trade Center ?

Of course, the real point of all this typical UN barbra streisand is that “[t]he legal basis for the continued detention of the Guantanamo Bay inmates is therefore unclear.” Probably the UN wants us to let the terrorists out and wait till they nuke a city or something, so we can be really, totally sure the aforementioned psychos are a problem. Of course, “problem” depends on whose ox gets gored: if the scumbags nuked an American city, the UN’d probably pin a medal on them.
The UN is so concerned, inter alia, because of the “uncertainty” as to how long the poor, mistreated little fanatic bomb-thrower darlings will be kept in detention. How bout till they’re dead and rotted ? In a sane world, we’d arrange the dead part as soon as possible, and remove the UN’s “uncertainty.”

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