Saturday, January 1, 2005

Reason the Democrats Lost: No. 5,234,906

Listening to a report on Fox News this evening, I was struck that one of the reasons the Democrats lost the recent Presidential election was because they lacked catchy campaign slogans.
What spurred this thought was an account of a rally for Mahmoud Abbas (who also goes by the nom de guerre Abu Mazen), who is the Fatah candidate to replace Yasser Arafat (ding-dong the witch is dead) as "Chairman" of the "Palestinian Authority."
Mind you, Mr. Abbas is probably the best of the serious candidates, from the point of view of peace, but what got me was the catchy slogan his rent-a-mob was chanting. "With our Blood and our Souls We Will Redeem You Abu Mazen !" Apparently, this chant used to be reserved for the dear departed Yasser.
Now you don't hear that at your average stateside campaign rally. Just think if you had a bunch of college professor types and the others who backed Kerry running around chanting "With our Blood and our Souls We Will Redeem You John Kerry !" Bet that'd get your attention. James Carville, take note !
Gives ya a lot of hope for Middle East peace, doesn't it ?

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