Tuesday, January 11, 2005

National Spend Some Bucks Day

A group of lefty fatheads called “Black Thursday” is urging the public to stop all economic activity, including working and commerce, on Inauguration Day, Thursday, 20 January to protest the policies of the Bush administration.

This idea is about what one would expect of the intellectually bankrupt and bitter Left in this country. If enough people took these idiots seriously, it would cause significant economic damage and hurt to millions of people. Pain and suffering is, of course, grist to the Left's mills, because the whiners have a vested interest in as much misery for as many Americans as possible.

The “Black Thursday” people helpfully point out that you have the power, the power of your dollars. Come Thursday the 20th, use your power, once again as you did on Election Day, to tell the Loser Left what you think of their bitterness and their contempt for the choice of the American people.

El Jefe, by virtue of the powers vested in him by the High Patronesses, the cats FLINKY and MILO, proclaims Thursday, 20 January 2005 as: National Spend Some Bucks Day. Take your pals to lunch and the family to dinner. Order champagne or a decent wine, or a couple of beers and drink our President and his First Lady’s health. Stop at the ice cream shop afterwards, or buy your children toys or balloons. Thursday’s a great day to buy that new car, that dress or pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, or something totally frivolous. See a movie. (Yes, some of your money will go to the idiots in Hollywood, but some right into local pockets too).

If you have the ill-fortune to see some protesting Lefties that day, tell the sore losers to buy themselves some Chill Pills.


The B.... said...
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El Jefe Maximo said...

NOTE BY EL JEFE RE THE COMMENT FROM "MILO." Please observe that Milo (1) is only 8 years old, so she's underage; and, (2) is a cat. Consequently, neither the Kingdom of Chaos, nor the private treasury of its beloved ruler, El Jefe Maximo, (let alone the Cat Supper funds of Milo) can honour the above offer, which is a joke.

But do keep faith with your neighbors and friends, who make this country go and spend some serious bucks on the 20th.

Anonymous said...

Only a Dwarf would post a comment from a frickin cat.