Friday, January 21, 2005

Lefty "Patriots"

One of the Left’s most oft-cited falsehoods these days is the canard that Lefties “support the troops” – but not their mission -- and that only the Left is patriotic. The Lefities say they really support the troops because their shrill and vitriolic supporters want to cut and run, abandon our Iraqi allies to the tender mercies of the car-bomb murderers, and bring the troops home now from the “illegal and immoral” war in Iraq. This position is in general a dodge, because those who are truly committed on the Left in general despise any manifestation of American power, for any reason at all, and in particular they loathe the military. However, this view is often soft-pedaled and kept out of sight of the bulk of the public.

However, just occasionally, Lefties cannot hide their hatred, and they let their true colours shine through. Yesterday, in Seattle, a mob at Seattle Central Community College attacked a US Army recruiting table and tore up the recruiting literature. The recruiters apparently had to be rescued from the mob and were escorted from the building by campus security personnel. A photograph of this disgraceful event may be found here:

El Jefe wishes these cretins could be magically transported to Iraq and handed over to the Sunni rebels, who would certainly know what to do with snot-nosed, dim-wit Lefty "patriots" from an American university too stupid to know how good they’ve got it. The spoiled brats would be no loss to us, since all of them collectively aren’t worth the smallest bit of mud on the First Sergeant’s (see pic.) boots.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those brats are getting loans and or grants from our government to go to college and be brats?!?!

Just imagine if the tables were turned and the army cats were attacking the brats - the liberal media would ahve that all over the news and Tragedy TV would show it a thousand times a day.

Anonymous said...

Its people like you that have convinced the world that America is not just in line for a fall, but that it deserves everything it gets. When will Americans start to see the world through the eyes of others, rather than just trying to remodel everyone in the American mould. By the way, not everyone is convinced that you have got it so right!