Thursday, January 20, 2005

Big News Today

Around the world today, all eyes today are turned towards – LaLa Land – because the Boston Herald tells us that the world’s favorite pop-tart, Britney Spears, is preggers !

Yes, world, let the Word go Heir is to be born to Britney ! Read the whole story here:

El Jefe’s friend T (hat tip) alerted him to this vitally important story. Mrs. Federline, the “blushing NASCAR bride” as the Herald story calls her, is evidently just over two months along, although we don’t have the “official” word from Britney’s publicists and flacks, yet. No doubt this defect will be remedied as soon as the aforementioned minions determine the optimum venue and timing for the announcement from the publicity standpoint. Almost assuredly, the tabloids and glossy magazines are positively salivating over the story possibilities a few months down the line.

Meanwhile, in less significant news, President Bush’s second term begins today. More on inaugural events later, perhaps. Meanwhile, there’s been a massive weirdo convergence on Washington, and today assorted rabble will make themselves feel better by making big fools of themselves protesting.

Don’t forget that by Royal El Jefe proclamation, today is National Spend Some Bucks Day. So get out there and spend mucho dollars today. Eat out. Buy that new TV. . .Give the liberals a belly-ache.

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Geek Girl Blonde said...

That's one thing that gives me pause about exporting democracy -- when are we going to see the Iraqi version of Britney Spears? I shudder at the thought. ;-)