Thursday, December 9, 2004


It occurs to El Jefe that his millions of devoted fans, vassals and loyal supporters in many nations round the world would benefit from an account of some of El Jefe’s recent activities. The most important event in recent days has doubtless been T and E’s big year-end party this last weekend, which El Jefe was pleased to grace with his Presence. El Jefe LOVES parties.

T historically loves to entertain and always throws a good party, and the latest big bash was no exception. The party, mostly in T's and E's back yard, around their beautiful new pool, had a 1960’s theme, (T knocked herself out decorating), and the guests were expected to dress accordingly. El Jefe’s went as a hippie attired in a very blonde wig and a tie-dye shirt (both located by spouse), along with some of his 60’s-70’s political buttons, a homemade protest sign, a few beaded necklaces, and the Heir’s toy guitar. (El Jefe had a nice assortment of Republican and Democratic buttons, which should confuse everybody who thinks they've got El Jefe all politically figured out). Before departing the Palace for the party, El Jefe previewed his costume for the High Patronesses of the Kingdom of Chaos, cats FLINKY and MILO, who looked at El Jefe as if they were certain he was from another planet.

El Jefe, who always really wanted to be a rock-star, (or at any rate, to live like one), was told by several folks that he resembled Gregg Allman, so this made his evening. El Jefe’s spouse, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, wore, inter alia, a Texas Aggie shirt with a very 1960’s looking smiley-face on it. T's party security, an off-duty Texas DPS officer, gave SWMBObeyed's rolling-paper looking things stuffed in her hat a very dubious look.

There was lots of dancing, which El Jefe likes, plenty of interesting people and dancers, with some really cool costumes. El Jefe managed to indulge in a cigar, not to mention a bit of red wine, although, for some reason, not enough to cause a fat head the next day. In any case, El Jefe certainly had a good time, and thanks T and E for including him.

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