Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

El Jefe will be blogging unpredictably over the next several days, during the Christmas holiday. Before departing the Imperial Palace for his smaller, more intimate Palace by the Sea, he attended a special military parade by his elite security detachment, the Wiseguys: taking the salute of thousands of heavily armed Goombas parading by, carrying their vintage Chicago Pianos, wearing their Al Capone outfits and fanatically cheering their beloved Boss of Bosses.
After the parade, and an exchange of telephone greetings with Bush, Putin, whoever is Prime Minister of Italy this week, all the Great and Good, and all the other Dons in their territories, and a huge multi-course meal with LOTS of several different types of wine, El Jefe, the Heir, his wife, his mistresses, various hangers-on, the taste-testers, the heads of El Jefe's major government departments: (Off-Track Betting, Wine Drinking, Knick-Knack Collecting, etc), the diplomatic corps and everybody and everything including Bugs Bunny and Aunt Sally, cruised off to enjoy Christmas.
On a more serious note, Merry Christmas to everyone, and keep the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

El Jeffe dare not mention the extreme efforts he endured yesterday collecting SWMBO's table. How dare anyone ask such a thing of El Jeffe, Master of All, to do such trivial and menial tasks as He begins His Vacation!

Baron Bodissey said...

"...whoever is Prime Minister of Italy this week"??

You insult Sr. Berlusconi and the proud popolo d'Italia! Better watch your back, Jefe Minimo!

El Jefe Maximo said...

Hmmmmm, perhaps this is fair comment. The Italians have been uncommonly well-behaved in the musical-Prime-Minister department the past several years. My comment was perhaps more applicable to the 1970's-80's. And Sr. Berlusconi has indeed been a good ally of the United States.