Saturday, January 1, 2005

Au Revoir, 2004

Well, 45 minutes left to go in 2004, (in the Central El Jefe Time Zone), and I can't say I'm sorry to see the back of this year. Lots of good, and bad, in no particular order.
Bush re-elected of course, which was a major good, considering the alternative was so bad. The Iraq insurgency escalated: bad, but we have stayed on course towards elections and America didn't vote to cut and run in November: good. Terrorist attack in Madrid kills hundreds and topples pro-US Spanish government: very, very bad.
Tsunami in Asia: profoundly, awfully bad.
NASA rovers Opportunity and Spirit on Mars : so totally cool ! Gordon Cooper -- one of the Mercury 7 Astronauts, dead: bad.
Bird flu in Asia: very bad. A free election (mostly) in Ukraine: good for Ukraine, maybe, long run, bad for us. Fastow and Enron guys convicted: good. Martha Stewart, convicted and jailed, a travesty: bad.
President Ronald Reagan dead: so sad, so bad. Terrorist Boss Yasser Arafat dead: good.
My son's a year older, hasn't flunked out of school (doing okay in fact) and is still young enough to think life is an adventure: super good. Hope he never becomes a cynic like his old man. The Heir loved summer camp, and is going back next year: good too. Both the Heir and She Who Must Be Obeyed continue to enjoy good health: very good. Lost an old friend, possibly two, over politics: very bad. People have to do what they have to do, so vaya con Dios.
Got to spend lots of time in lovely Seaside: very good (going back with T and her family next July: good also). Getting rear-ended leaving Seaside first trip: bad. Neither El Jefe nor SWMBO were injured, and we got home safe: good. Hurricanes hit Florida: very bad. They missed Seaside: good.
Went to some cool parties in '04: always good. Still alive and kicking for '05: the best.

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Anonymous said...

Additions to the Good/Bad List:

Kingdom of Chaos continues to be the BEST BLOG ever - very good.
Dwarf infects The Mommy - seriously bad. She-Who-Infects-Others is out of The Circle. Good for The Mommy.
The Mommy stopped smoking for good, forever - very good.
The Mommy turns herself in to Jenny Craig next week and becomes the thin and coltish one again - excellent!!!
DH turns himself into JC and also becomes thin - superb!