Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tuesday, or Monday ?

Hmmmm, one of those Tuesdays that feels like a Monday. El Jefe wishes that he was at his humble palace by the sea, with nothing more serious to do than supervise his armies of servants and vassals, drink Cosmos, hob-nob with models and give interviews to gossip columnists.
Alas...the real world intrudes. It's a gloomy Tuesday around here that's yucky enough to be a Monday. El Jefe has acquired a new neighbor. It's a very bad sign when your new neighbor responds to El Jefe's cheery, early morning, "how it going ?" with nary even a grunt. Not even a doleful "I haven't had my coffee, yet" look. Perhaps he was put off by the High Patroness FLINKY, staring out the upstairs bedroom window at him, giving him one of her patented evil-eye looks.
Lots to talk about in the world today, in particular the departure of Secretary of State Powell, and his impending replacement by Condoleezza Rice. Let us say for the moment that El Jefe finds himself underwhelmed by both of these worthies, but a fuller commentary will have to wait.

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