Monday, November 1, 2004

Prediction (2)

The official El Jefe Maximo prediction stays more or less where it was yesterday, Bush reelected, with 289 electoral votes to 249. However, I'm giving the President Wisconsin, in addition to Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico among those States in doubt.
Bear in mind that the numbers everywhere are very, very, very close, and even a small movement towards Thurston could produce a great disaster; and a little bit more of a movement towards the President could produce what looks like a landslide.
I really think this election is the most important that has taken place in my lifetime. I don't think that's at all hyperbole. Tomorrow's Americans make their most important political choice bearing on the direction of the nation since 1940. George Wallace used to say that there was not a "dime's worth of difference" between the Republicans and the Democrats. If that was ever true, the stark differences between the party of Michael Moore, and the party of George Bush; the party of September 10, and the party of September 12 make that a laughable bromide today.
The election of Kerry tomorrow would be the equivalent of the British throwing out Churchill for Neville Chamberlain in 1940. Do Americans have stomach for the war or not ? We will soon know. God be with the President tomorrow.

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Jester said...

Oh El Jefe-Going out on a limb huh??? What happened to half empty? I expect that he will carry the states you mentioned. IF WE DO NOT, WE ARE SCREWED IN HOW THE WORLD LOOKS AT US. We are moving to New Zeland if Kerry get's elected. I do not think the Heinz Empire owns any Veg-a-mite factories!!!