Saturday, October 9, 2004

Wash. Post Tracking Poll, Astros, and Etc.

Today's Washington Post tracking poll shows Kerry down a point (50-46-1), so perhaps Bush at least stopped the bleeding. Lets hope so. Thing to watch now is who visits where, and where the money goes. Looks like Ohio is the key. Kerry must hold Pennsylvania, Bush must hold Florida. Neither has much of a chance without those states. Bush could be reelected without Ohio, conceivably, but I'm not sure Kerry would have a chance without it.

The Astros beat the Braves 8 to 5, according to the Heir to the Kingdom of Chaos, who went with his Mom and Grandpa. The Heir got a baseball, a jersey and all sorts of swag out of the deal, which is usual when accompanying Grandpa.

MILO is still wearing a collar around her neck, after some surgery. FLINKY thinks that it is all very strange.

Going to dinner in a little bit with some pals.

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