Sunday, October 10, 2004

The War -- Jonah Goldberg's Piece on National Review Online

I don't always agree with Jonah Goldberg, sometimes he's just a bit too cute for me. But Mr Goldberg's piece in yesterday's National Review Online captures perfectly how I feel about the Democrats, the Left and the war, and why I could never even REMOTELY consider voting for Demos or for TH this year. You can talk about taxes, the environment, jobs or whatever till the cows come home, but the bottom line has to be the war. The guts of the piece:

I am saying that many of you don't care about the war. If Bill
Clinton or Al Gore had conducted this war, you would be weeping joyously about
Iraqi children going to school and women registering to vote. If this war had
been successful rather than hard, John Kerry would be boasting today about how
he supported it — much as he did every time it looked like the polls were moving
in that direction. You may have forgotten Kerry's anti-Dean gloating when Saddam
was captured, but many of us haven't. He would be saying the lack of WMDs are
irrelevant and that Bush's lies were mistakes. And that's the point. I don't
care if you hate George W. Bush; it's not like I love the guy. And I don't care
if you opposed the war from day one. What disgusts me are those people who say
toppling Saddam and fighting the terror war on their turf rather than ours is a
mistake, not because these are bad ideas, but merely because your vanity cannot
tolerate the notion that George W. Bush is right or that George W. Bush's
rightness might cost John Kerry the election.

I get e-mails from you people every day and I see your
candidate on TV every night. Shame on you all.

Amen, brother !

Read the whole thing, it's definitely worth it.

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