Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday evening

Yesterday evening, El Jefe and family went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner with T and her children, where El Jefe had a couple of very, very good "Blue Sunset Margaritas" with Blue Agave tequila and Cointreau Blue Curacao. A very nice buzz, even thought the margaritas were on the high end. Dinner consisted of some excellent Chipotle Chicken enchiladas.

Then I went off to T's for chit-chat and some white wine and had a very nice time. Went home and promptly drank a reservoir's worth of water, which saved me from feeling as awfully as I deserved. Thank God, because I had a very busy workday !

Spouse has to do some work for her company involving Kuwait. Hope she doesn't have to go there !

Time for some homework and to start getting ready for El Jefe's son's Cub Scout campout.

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