Thursday, October 21, 2004


Lots going on in the world today. A slew of polls out today and yesterday, but most are so close that it is difficult to infer anything from them, although most give the President a small lead. If, like El Jefe, you are a poll junkie, have a look at I think their averages are more useful than the raw polls.

The commentary attached to the latest Harris Poll is also of interest -- you will be able to find it via Real Clear Politics. The commentary discusses the definition of "likely voters" and the implications for polling.

In Havana, Dictator Fidel Castro (78), fell leaving the stage after a speech. Unfortunately, the tyrant's neck appears to have survived intact, Castro suffering only a broken knee and injured arm. The Bearded One was quick to tell would-be celebrants that he was "in one piece." The murderous dictator also says that he will do "what is possible" to recover rapidly, but "as you can see I can still talk" and talk, and talk... Hopefully, the Big Sleep shuts him up soon enough.

Paul H. Nitze, diplomat, strategic arms negotiator, and ultra insider, loyal servant of Republicans and Democrats, holder of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, died Tuesday at 97.

El Jefe and son are off for a Cub Scout Campout manana. The weather is supposed to be simply lovely -- hot, humid, chance of thunderstorms. The state park where we are bound has some alligator residents, not to mention the more customary spiders and snakes. Yes, there El Jefe will be: living it up in the boondocks with a million screaming kiddos, no hot water and sleeping accomodations that ain't the Four Seasons. Far from good wine, decent restaurants, a comfy chair, music and all other evidence of civilization. (Sound of sad violins playing in background).

The pre-campout Cub Scout den meeting was last night. Usually those are fun for the kids, and this one was no exception, although El Jefe confesses he is somewhat less than fascinated by knot tying, which was the group project last night. Got home and everyone promptly went to bed, leaving El Jefe and High Patronesses MILO and FLINKY to weave their schemes undisturbed. Had a glass (possibly two, but I'm not telling) of a no more than passable Chilean Merlot, and tried not to be too depressed by the blatantly pro-Thurston slant of the New York Times.

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Anonymous said...

El Jeffe,

Suggest you pack a flask, a fan, another flask, and something cool anc omfy to sleep in(if you can sleep.)

Many wishes for a great campout!